Operations Update

Health & Safety

We have always prided ourselves on maintaining a clean and sanitary  property, however, we are taking extra steps to make sure everything is
especially clean:

  • - Commercial sanitation products are used to disinfect every door handle, every pen, every key card.
  • - We have also set up "sanitation stations" with hand sanitizer available for hotel guests.

That said - the only real way to limit the spread is to restrict contact. As such, we are taking extra precautions for the time being. Our front desk staff will be at the front desk during check-in and check-out times. All other requests will be handled via phone. The front door will be locked at all times, thus only hotel guests will be allowed in the building. Guests will be issued keys for entering the building.

We are also limiting housekeeping access to guest rooms. We will currently only clean rooms upon check out - i.e. we will not re-fresh rooms on multi-night stays. All rooms will then sit vacant for at least three days before we re-rent them.

These steps may seem extreme, they are definitely new for us. More than anything, we look forward to a time where we can all be together again. Stay safe, and if travel brings you to the area, rest assured that we are doing everything we can to keep everyone safe during these uncertain times.

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